Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

About Us : To improve Thailand’s inherent ability to position itself as a world class research and innovation center by empowering Thailand students and academic researchers with extensive strategic communication and entrepreneurial skills.

1. [Week1] Strategic Communication Techniques Part1
Principles of Communicating effectively Storytelling with relevance Understanding the audience and how to attract and retain attention, Capturing the audience attention and interest Planning and scripting better articles, proposals and presentations
by Ricky Lien
2. [Week1] Strategic Communication Techniques Part2
3. [Week1] Strategic Communication Techniques Part3
4. [Week1] Strategic Communication Techniques Part4
5. [Week2] Strategic Communication Techniques Part1
6. [Week2] Strategic Communication Techniques Part2
7. [Week2] Strategic Communication Techniques Part3
8. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part1
Elevator pitch and one-sentence pitch skills Audio/Video visibility and using the AV medium Digital marketing, content marketing and social media strategies Engaging with the Media and fostering better press relations Speech Content Structuring Sound modulation
by Sourav Rov
9. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part2
10. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part3
11. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part4
12. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part5
13. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part6
14. [Week3] Strategic Communication Techniques Part7
15. [Week4] Strategic Communication Techniques Part1
16. [Week4] Strategic Communication Techniques Part2
17. [Week4] Strategic Communication Techniques Part3
18. [Week4] Strategic Communication Techniques Part4
19. Value Chain Mapping and Technology Analysis & Strategic Thinking
Value Chain Mapping and Technology Analysis - This session is focused on understanding value chain and its components along with value chain positioning and technology analysis. It explains how an individual contribution (technology development) adds value for a collective impact on a sector-specific value chain. Moreover, it will exemplify how deep tech. can enable transformation of food & agro, and healthcare value-chains towards circularity.
Strategic Thinking - Hints for strategic, or "big picture" thinking. To not only see the future, but to also drive your future.
by Arslan Siddique and Dr. Mark Foley
20. Ecosystem Mapping & Practicing Critical Thinking
Ecosystem Mapping - Demonstration of Circular Economy Ecosystem Mapping for Thailand.
Practicing Critical Thinking - Learning about Thinking, dreaming and Allucinations, Multiple points of view, Facts and Measures, Depth and Breadth, Analysing and Reviewing, Challenging the Authority, Knowing History and Science, and Questioning, Listening and Explaining.
by Lerwen Liu and Giulio Manzoni
21. Role of Emerging Technology & Demystifying Data Science & Its Application Part1
Role of Emerging Technology : This webinar uncovers the emerging physical, digital and biological technologies, and the role of respective technology in enabling circular economy. It explains how the deployment of technology innovations coupled with in-depth technology analysis and life cycle thinking (LCT) mindset can massively contribute towards circular economy transformation.
Demystifying Data Science & Its Application : A transformation to a circular economy is a scientific challenge at different levels including but not limited to materials, engineering, design, and business. Digital technologies can help in overcoming some of these challenges. In this webinar, through case studies, we will explore how Data and Analytics techniques and tools can support in transitioning to a Sustainable Circular Economy.
by Arslan Siddique and Parvathy Krishnan
22. Role of Emerging Technology & Demystifying Data Science & Its Application Part2
23. Eliminating Plastic Waste : Meet the Thailand Plastic Waste GhostBuster
In partnership with the Incubation Network (TIN), the STEAM Platform is launching the Thailand Waste Action Network (WAN). We kick off our webinar series, featuring leadership practices in eliminating waste and developing a circular economy. Our event is in both English and Thai.
by Sirinchayaa Preechapatsakool, Nattapak Atichartakarn , Prem Pruktayanon and Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat
24. Common Mistakes for Thai People in Communicating in English & Technology Commerncialization Strategies
Common Mistakes for Thai People in Communicating in English : English and Thai languages have very different structure, grammar, and lingustic. We will discuss and share common mistakes and ways to improve verbal communication in English.
Technology Commercialization Strategies : This session will explore how intellectual property, software, know-how or confidentiality are used and managed to support technology commercialization efforts. The session will also introduce different commercialization pathways for different types of intellectual property.
by Dr. Supapan Seraphin and Piengpen Wongnapapan
25. Entrepreneurship for Sustainability : Managing Supply Chain & Meet the Deep-tech Entrepreneurs
STEAM Platform focuses on nurturing entrepreneurs for sustainability and sustainable development goals (SDGs2030). Supply chain management is critical for business success. It players a critical role in designing a business model that sustains business. This webinar brings together experts and practitioners on supply chain and deep-tech business in sectors of healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, and wildlife protection enabled by technologies such as AI, Blockchains and Robotics.
by Lerwan Liu , Thavida Maneewarn , Podsawat Worakuldumrongdej , Charoenchai Khompatraporn and Warasinee Chaisangmongkon
เนื้อหาทั้งหมด 24 วิดีโอ รวม 06 ชั่วโมง 54 นาที
ระยะเวลาที่เปิดให้เรียน 10 - 21 November 2021
Ricky Lien

Senior Trainer, STEAM Platform

Sourav Rov

Communications Director & International Trainer, Istanbul, Turkey

Arslan Siddique

Education Director, STEAM Platform

Dr. Mark Foley

Chief Strategist, NanoGlobe

Lerwen Liu

Director, STEAM Platform

Giulio Manzoni

CEO, Microspace

Parvathy Krishnan

Data Scientist, Freelance Consultant

Sirinchayaa Preechapatsakool

Ecosystem Consultant Thailand

Nattapak Atichartakarn

CEO & Co-Founder Trash Lucky

Prem Pruktayanon

CEO, Green2Get Co., Ltd

Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat

CEO & Co-Founder, CirPlas Tech/Qualy Design

Dr. Supapan Seraphin

Pro. Dr., University of Arizona

Piengpen Wongnapapan

COO, Knowledge Exchange

Thavida Maneewarn

Co-Founder & Director, Yannix

Podsawat Worakuldumrongdej,

Co-Founder & CEO, Ant Robotics

Charoenchai Khompatraporn

Circular Supply Chain Managment Prof., KMUTT

Warasinee Chaisangmongkon

Co-Founder & CTO, Perceptra

NIA MOOCs Tech Support